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Company Overview

Mary’s Driving School is an appealing choice for every level of learner; from the new beginner to the more mature driver. There are many challenges that face a learner driver setting out on the road and I am experienced in helping people through high levels of anxiety, lack of confidence and pressure to pass the test in a short period of time.


I understand the worry and stress that can be associated with starting to drive. At Mary’s Driving School the many years of driving tuition ensures that everyone who sits in the car to learn is treated with respect, patience, and understanding. I have develop a unique training plan tailored to individual needs as each learner progresses safely through their lessons.


I have also worked closely for many years with The Irish Wheelchair Association. I am experienced in working with clients with limited mobility, physical disabilities and those who face challenges in learning. This can bring another level of understanding and patience to the lessons for the individuals who need that little bit extra. I can offer support to the anxious, apprehensive beginners, the nervous drivers and those looking for confidence building behind the steering wheel of their car.


To choose Mary’s Driving School is to make a choice for the highest standard of driving education, a full EDT program and complete preparation for passing the driving test with the confidence and knowledge of being a safer driver on our roads today.