I cannot begin to recommend Mary enough, I did all 12 lessons with her and my pretest right before my test with her and I passed on my first go. No matter how busy Mary is she will try her very best to find lessons that suit your schedule. From the moment you sit in the driver seat Mary is extremely friendly, kind and chatty putting any nerves you have at ease and make you feel comfortable behind the wheel, Mary is the most encouraging women who never made me feel worried or upset for making mistakes, she was patient and calm and was never critical or negative, she genuinely cares about your driving and your test, Mary made the learning to drive experience one of the best experiences of my life and I’ll never forget everything she did for me, she made it fun and enjoyable and will always be your No.1 supporter. Mary is the first person I think of now when I get in the car and everything she taught and I can’t begin to thank her enough for the driver she helped me to become, anyone would be extremely lucky to have this women as their instructor, it’s safe to say I’ll miss my drives with Mary and again there is no one I would recommend more I couldn’t have done it without her:)