I couldn’t recommend Mary enough. I came to her having already failed a driving test. Due to this and not having someone to practice driving with, I had lost a lot of confidence and thought I’d never pass. Mary has an amazing gift of being able to read people, she could always tell when I was second guessing myself or when I was nervous. She was always patient with me and taught me how to control my nerves. She also taught me how to do my manoeuvres in ways that I can remember (it was triangles for me) and focused on the areas I struggled with so that I could improve. I always had it in my mind that I was going to fail the test but Mary helped banished those demons – she was my biggest cheerleader. Despite not having driven for well over a month, with a 5 hrs pretest with Mary, I passed my test. I was taught how to drive not how to pass a driving test. Thank you for being so kind and accommodating Mary.
P. S. I’m hard of hearing and once Mary knew it, she used her hands to show the direction she wanted me to go as well as saying it. I also told the tester to use this technique as it made things less stressful.