I first started driving lessons (with a different instructor) in college and found it challenging to make progress as I was away from home and not practicing regularly. I felt pressured by my driving instructor at the time and had no confidence in my driving ability. After a particularly traumatic incident, I decided to stop driving. A couple of years later after finishing college and starting work, I knew I wanted more independence so I contacted Mary after reading the testimonials on her website. I was always an anxious person, but this manifested into anxiety around driving. I was so afraid of hurting someone else because of my inability to drive that some days I could not even start the car. Mary was amazing. She reassured me that I was in control and we would take the lessons at my pace. We spent time practicing the basics over and over again until I felt confident to progress with more technical skills. She broke down driving into manageable steps, and explained the rationale behind signals, manoeuvres, rules etc. This aligned with my style of learning and transformed driving from something overwhelming and unachievable, to something that was manageable and logical. After several months of lessons, I passed my test first time! I am now driving in my own car for the last month. I still get anxious and worried from time to time, but I calm myself by remembering all the lessons Mary taught me (mainly to go slow enough to allow myself to analyse the environment around me and react accordingly). I cannot thank Mary enough for her patience, support & genuine kindness during our lessons. She is a fantastic teacher, I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you for being so understanding Mary.